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Here in Antion...Edit

there is one thing that all kings need fear ! And that one thing is the anomalies. The anomalies are prophesied to be a small group of mages that will bring about the downfall of the Mauntell line. They had always been regarded as legend and myth, until there came a time when the number of mages began to worry the king.

This king was named Garris. Though eventually to become known as mad, he was highly respected and even admired by his people.

At his command, any mage born to a common family was killed at birth. This was his plan to keep his family in power forever. Slowly however, he became convinced that noble mages were a threat as well. It was after he began to order the children of other nobles killed that he became known as mad. Eventually he died in his sleep and was succeeded by his eldest son. But the damage had already been done... two hundred fifty years l a t e r King Godfrey is in the seventh year of his reign, generations after the Mad King Garris's death. Magic has all but vanished from the streets. And only the royal line and a few of the greater lords can lay any claim to magic in their bloodlines. The few children who are born with powers are born with the weakest and taught by the Grand Mage. The Grand Mage is old however, and even he cannot remember it being safe to use magic openly.

But suddenly... more and more children are being born with powers. More and more there noble children accidentally setting things on fire. King Godfrey is not frightened by this as the mad king would have been. Some of his councilors, however remember the prophecy that drove his ancestor to madness. When he saw that the King will not do so, the high Lord Cristian takes matters into his own hands, and begins to dispose of any children he thinks too powerful, or out of place. It takes months before the crown finds out what is going on and moves to stop the murders. But it is too late. Lord Cristian is put to death, but his followers continue to murder even without him at their head. In an effort to protect his people, King Godfrey forms a school where magical children will be safe while learning to control their powers. He places it inside his own castle, taking it upon himself to protect these children from all harm. But even with the king working do hard to protect mages there are still killings and the crown has found it impossible to round up all of Cristian's followers.

Little does know, but the prophecy is already coming true. The anomalies are already grown, even if they do not yet know their own destinies....

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